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Welcome to the online tool that is the beam calculator of choice for thousands of do-it-yourselfers around the globe. Go through the step-by-step process to easily and confidently determine the beam, joist, rafter, purlin, or girder that you need for your project. Use it to calculate log beams, timber beams, lumber beams, steel beams, and even concrete beams. Be sure to try the dead load and live load calculator and build your confidence that you are using the right loads. Use the Requests link if you have a question or a suggestion. As always, consult your structural engineer when your situation is too complicated to solve online.

Why use Free Beam Sizer?

It's Easy. You don't need to hold a degree in structural engineering to use Free Beam Sizer. The program is trial-and-error based. If the results indicate an unsafe beam selection, use the back button on your browser to change it until the results tell you it's safe.

It's Powerful. Free Beam Sizer is not meant to replace a real structural engineer, but it is comprehensive enough to help you confidently choose the right beam sizes to develop the schematic design of your structure. The Free Beam Sizer database contains section properties and material properties for the most common beams used in residential and light commercial construction including lumber, timber, log, glu-lam, wide-flange steel, and concrete beams.

Only a browser required. Only a browser and a connection to the internet are required. Free Beam Sizer is completely web-based. We keep the database updated so you can be confident you are using the most current material properties and building code factors. There are no updates for you to install. Free Beam Sizer is always current. Any computer with a browser installed can successfully size a beam...and that will keep your IT department smiling. Try doing it at a meeting, on an airplane, on your smart phone, or at your home office. Don't bother searching for downloads...there are none. No other software is required to use Free Beam Sizer.

It's Free. And it always will be. What more can I say?!

Privacy. We don't ask you for any private information to use Free Beam Sizer. You can send it to us and maybe we'll respond. But our mission does not include spamming our users or selling their names to marketing firms. We care about helping you size a beam the right way.

Credibility. The entire site was developed and is maintained by a real structural engineer, Troy E. Leistiko, P.E., S.E. If you have a complicated situation that can't be solved by Free Beam Sizer, we recommend you contact Eclipse Engineering, Inc. for a fee quote to engineer your project. Eclipse is licensed to practice engineering in all 50 states, D.C. and much of Canada.

Flexibility. Did you notice the "Requests" page? Submit a request for a section or material you would like us to add in order to improve our site.

Saving and Printing. As you work your way through the step-by-step beam sizing process, your data is stored in your web browser's text line. This enables you to bookmark your work at any step, effectively saving your work for future reference. Choose Print Preview from your browser's File dropdown menu and make sure the results fit on one page, then print your results.

When not to use Free Beam Sizer:

There are many situations where a more sophisticated beam sizer is required. Multispan members, trusses, and fixed-end conditions are only a few beam types that should not be sized with Free Beam Sizer. Software is available from other sources to help you with these situations, or you can consult a registered structural engineer.

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